Getting to the Root of It with Sewer Inspections with Peter Hopkins

Getting to the Root of It with Sewer Inspections

In almost all states, the drain line to either the septic system or the city sewer main is the responsibility of the homeowner - even if it runs through public property. Often this sewer line passes through the city street, meaning additional expenditures for street repairs if the line needs to be repaired or replaced. Unfortunately for the home buyer, the concealed sewer lines are outside the scope of a normal home inspection and thus can leave a potentially critical component of the home's operation unseen. With this in mind, can you think of a better time to protect your clients' assets than during a home inspection? Knowing the integrity of a sewer line during the escrow period allows your clients to better understand their investment decision. Any defects, including root infestations and damaged lines, can be addressed upfront and clients can feel confident in their purchasing decision.

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